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Holistic Relaxing Massage
70 60'

This is, light Swedish massage to warm and relax muscles. It is designed to increase the oxygen flow of blood to heart and releases toxins from the muscles. It helps the lymphatic to detoxify the body.

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Deep Tissue Massage
70 - 100 60' - 90'

The therapeutic massage focus on the chronic patterns of tension in the body using slow strokes and deep pressure.

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Aromatherapy Oil Massage
80 60'

Discover the ancient tradition of aromatherapy with massages at the whole body and feel the healing effect of essential oils (rose, jasmine, sandalwood, etc.) that lead you to a journey of absolute relaxation and physical and spiritual balance.

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Candle Oil Massage
80 60'

The Candle oil Massage is performed throughout the body with warm melted wax oil. Unique and original sense of relaxation combined with perfumes of essential oils that take you to dreamy places. Indulge in the warm candle to act after treatment to give your body just what it takes. Deep hydration that will last for days.

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Thai Yoga Massage
120 90'

Thai massage is performed on a mattress on the floor. No oil is used and the receiver is clothed with comfortable clothing (eg tracksuite). The thai massage does not look like classic massage. It is also called thai yoga massage because the therapist uses their hands, knees, legs and soles to apply to the receiver a series of pressures on energy lines as well as stretches of tension.

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Hot Stones Massage
90 80'

Is a massage technique tha is used in order to release muscle tension, our Hot Stones Massage uses smooth, heated stones from Santorini Island, placed on certain parts of your body. The calming heat of the stones relaxes your muscles, removing unwanted tightness and tension. That heat from the stones has bonus benefit causes your blood vessels to open, improving your circulation, and detoxifying your muscular system. This leaves you limber and energetic.

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Detox Massage Therapy
55 45'

Is Detox Massage Therapy realized with suctions Cups and special tools (Gua Sha) from China which is an ancient practice with, many healing benefits. The traditional Chinese practice of Gua Sha involves stroking the skin with a stiff instrument made of stone, jade, bone, or horn. By simply increasing circulation and bringing blood to the surface of the body, you can fight inflammation, increase your immune system resilience, and treat a wide range of diseases.

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Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
50 30'

Getting started with a back and shoulders massage and ending up with the neck, head and face you will feel completely relaxed and the muscle tension will be gently reduced. The aim is to provide the most appropriate massage for each client’s needs to ensure total relaxation (during the Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage) and to ensure that our clients will leave the salon feeling more relaxed and a lot more agile.

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Reflexoloxy / Foot Massage
60 60'

Reflexology uses foot massage pressure applied in certain parts of the bare foot to relax. The benefits include relaxation, stress reduction, and circulation improvement. Other benefits include relief backache, stiff neck asthma, sinusitis, constipation, I.B.S, insomnia etc.

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Anticellulite Massage
60 30'

Treatment which fights against cellulite and fat at specific parts of the body. Intense massage moves in combination with special suction cups and body creams of high quality give your skin the best look.

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Facial Massage
50 30'

Using a variety of Massage techniques, the Facial Massage improves the circulation in your facial muscles, reducing the tense and providing a healthy glow at the skin.

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Indian Head Massage
50 30'

This massage works on the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, ears and face. The areas are massaged using firming yet gentle, rhythmic movements that involve acupressure points called Marma points. Ayurverdic oils were traditionally used in form of massage however the use of oils is now optional.

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